3 Teams Selected to Enter the I4H Program in Autumn 2020

September sees three additional projects selected for funding and mentorship as part of the Inventors for Health (I4H) program. Onboarding and validation of these potentially practice-changing projects begins now and will become part of the SPARK-BIH program.

Spark-BIH, in collaboration with the Stiftung Charité is pleased to share that on September 16th 2020, three teams from the Inventors for Health (I4H) Bootcamps were selected for funding and mentorship support. This marks the second funding round as part of this novel program. Funding for both phases of the program has been provided by the Stiftung Charité as part of the Private Exzellenzinitiative Johanna Quandt.

A jury comprised of selected experts in digital health, design, business and regulatory affairs were brought together for this review. Relevant industry partners were represented here, among them, Berlin Partner, Boehringer Ingelheim, and the Hasso-Plattner-Institute. Selected teams will now join the SPARK-BIH program and embark on an entrepreneurial journey aimed at producing valuable proof of concept and preparatory measures for a potential commercialization in later stages of their development.

Funded teams cover a diverse range of medical areas including; radiology, mental health, and pediatrics. 

Lead by Dr. med. Katharina Erb-Eigner, specialist in neuroradiology and eye and eye socket imaging, this team of two will pursue the development of an image-based diagnostic support tool for radiologists which should help to increase diagnostic accuracy as opposed to traditional text-based review mediums. 

Dr. med. Constantin Volkmann, psychiatric physician together with his team will begin with the development of digital solution for the treatment of depressive disorders in the outpatient setting. In contrast to existing solutions this team will focus largely on general practitioners, who they see as the gateway to broader improvements in depression.

Funding was also awarded to the team supervised by Prof. Dr. med. Philip Bufler, head of the division of paediatrics in gastroenterology, nephrology and metabolic medicine. The team will develop a new medical app for smart stool colour recognition in order to prevent the onset of biliary atresia in newborns. 

Mentorship and funding of these teams will begin imminently and the Spark-BIH team is eager to assist in their success. 

SPARK-BIH is a member of the SPARK Global network