ERC Consolidator Grant for SPARKee Surjo Soekadar

Prof. Surjo Soekadar awarded with two million euros for project on TIMS

Prof. Dr. Surjo Soekadar, head of the research division for Translation and Neurotechnology and Clinical Neurotechnology Lab at the Charité, and his team focus on advanced technologies for brain stimulation and brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to treat psychiatric disorders. With their newly developed brain stimulation method temporal interference magnetic stimulation (TIMS), the team aims at alleviating symptoms of psychiatric disorders such as depression. The PoC work was supported previously with a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. In the SPARK-BIH program and with funding from the NeuroCure cluster of Excellence, the team has developed a prototype of the novel medical device. Now, the ERC will support Prof. Soekadar's project with two million euros in funding over the next five years.

We congratulate the Prof. Soekadar and team for this ongoing success and wish all the best for the upcoming clinical project steps.


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Video of Prof. Soekadar's talk at re:publica 2023 Berlin (in German) here

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