SPARKEE Prof. Soekadar awarded with ERCPoC Grant

Charité neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Surjo Soekadar awarded with ERC Proof of Concept (ERCPoC) grant after NeuroCure/SPARK-BIH funding

The main aim of Prof. Surjo Soakadar, head of the division of Translation and Neurotechnology and the clinical Neurotechnology lab at the Charité, is improving the quality of life and social participation of people with impaired brain function. In their current NeuroCure/SPARK-BIH funded project, he and his team are developing an innovative non-invasive technique for brain stimulation and modulation with improved spatial and temporal resolution. With support of the NeuroCure/SPARK-BIH program, Khaled Nasr, a PhD student in Prof. Soekadar’s lab, implemented a first prototype that enables the pinpoint targeting of individual brain regions. An international patent application was filed at the Charité to foster fast translation of this precision brain stimulation technique into clinical practice. The new Proof of Concept Grant totaling €150,000 will additionally help the researchers to advance the technology towards a commercial product and ultimately to improve impaired brain functions in patients.

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