SPARKee Surjo Soekadar gives talk at re:publica Berlin

Copyright Charité | Kathrin Schneider

Prof. Surjo Soekadar gave a captivating talk on brain-computer interfaces at re:publica Berlin

Former SPARKee, Prof. Dr. Surjo Soekadar, head the research division for Translation and Neurotechnology and Clinical Neurotechnology Lab at the Charité, gave a captivating talk at the re:publica 23 in June. This conference represents Europe’s largest event for digital society topics, gathering representatives from science, politics, companies, NGOs and media.

In his talk ‘Hybridmind - when machines and the brain merge’, professor Soekadar describes previous and recent developments in the field of brain-computer interfaces and talks about the risks and benefits of these new technologies. He also shares with the audience insights into his own research and contributions to this field.

In the SPARK program and with funding from the NeuroCure cluster of Excellence, together with Khaled Nasr, professor Soekadar has developed a novel medical device for non-invasive brain stimulation with improved spatial and temporal resolution. This innovative device will be used to improve impaired brain functions in patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders.


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