SPARK Europe attended BIONNALE 2021

SPARK Europe was represented at the BIONNALE 2021 by five SPARK project teams from Finland, Norway, Israel & Germany. The SPARK Europe teams pitched their translational projects & business ideas on the virtual stage in front of representatives of the healthcare and life sciences industry. Charité and DHZB pediatric cardiologist PD. Dr. Boris Schmitt and program manager Dr. Tanja Rosenmund represented SPARK-BIH at this year's BIONNALE.

SPARK Europe attended this year's BIONNALE 2021. In the session “Cooperation and Venture Track”, Dr. Tanja Rosenmund (program manager at SPARK-BIH) introduced the SPARK concept and moderated the pitch session. Around 140 guests joint the virtual session. Five SPARK Europe teams presented their translational projects & business ideas on the virtual stage in form of 5-min pitches. The pitch session was followed by a Q&A session in a virtual breakout room.

SPARK-BIH was excited to see PD Dr. med. Boris Schmitt pitching on the virtual stage, whose project is currently being supported by SPARK-BIH and Stiftung Charite. Boris Schmitt and his team are working on a personalized, autologous heart valve solution for children and adults. With their innovative solution, the team is fulfilling an unmet clinical need. The valves are made from patient-donated tissue and are implanted using a low-risk transcatheter technique. The team's innovation eliminates the need for repeated heart valve replacement surgery and lifelong medication. In addition, the innovation provides a once-in-a-lifetime solution that is affordable for patients and healthcare providers worldwide. SPARKee Boris Schmitt co-founded the medical device company GrOwnValve, hoping to bring in near future the adult and children valves to the market.

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