Successful Evaluation in the First NeuroCure / SPARK-BIH Call for Translational Proposals

Several teams have applied to the first NeuroCure / SPARK-BIH Call and the evaluation event took place on September 17th 2020 at BIH head quarters. The teams from the field of Neuroscience have presented their projects in short pitch presentations in front of an expert jury.

NeuroCure is a cluster of excellence in the field of Neuroscience in Berlin, Germany. The primary aim of this interdisciplinary network is to explore and understand the mechanisms of diseases in the central neural system in order to find potential new therapies for neurological and psychiatric disorders. This year, NeuroCure and SPARK-BIH joined forces to identify the best translational projects from the Neuroscience community to be part in the SPARK-BIH program.

Selected teams were invited to present their projects in short pitch presentations in front of an expert jury on the September 17th at the BIH headquarters. The projects are all associated to the field of Neuroscience but are addressing a broad range of clinical problems: from development of new pharmacological therapies for rare diseases, over medical devices for non-invasive modulation of deep-brain activity to screening for biomarkers for neurological side effects.

Based on the ranking by the reviewers at the evaluation event, the NeuroCure board will decide soon which teams will receive funding by NeuroCure as well as mentoring and support from the SPARK-BIH program.

SPARK-BIH is a member of the SPARK Global network