Bringing Insight Into the GLP World

Prof. John M. D. Storey, head of deptartment & chair of pharmaceutical industrial chemistry at the University of Aberdeen, will share his personal experience on establishing a GLP test facility and will give insights on valuable lessons learned and pitfalls he met along the way.


Looking to establish a GLP test facility at university?

The principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) define a quality system under which non-clinical health and environmental safety studies are performed for clinical trial and market approval.

Prof. John M. D. Storey is Head of Dept. & Chair of Pharmaceutical Industrial Chemistry at the University of Aberdeen as well as Head of Technical for TauRx Therapeutics. He manages a GLP test facility, which is the only University-based facility in the UK that is both GLP and GCP compliant. He and his team have synthesized TauRx’s portfolio of drug candidates and are responsible for their chemical scale-up, analysis, encapsulation and formulation.

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