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Save the date for our SPARK-BIH Call in June 2023!

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A SPARK-BIH funded project on the development of an innovative tumor-specific immunotherapy for the treatment of B-cell lymphomas has successfully been awarded a follow-on BMBF grant for a first-in-human clinical trial.

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Two SPARK-BIH funded teams network with investors and the life science industry at the international JPM BIO Partnering Event.

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Dr. Angelika Vlachou, Principal at High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), supported 25 translational SPARK project teams with a dedicated hands-on Pitch Training Workshop.

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SPARK-BIH and NeuroCure organized a second Design Thinking workshop.

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After the successful implementation of the NeuroCure/SPARK program, NeuroCure and SPARK-BIH prolong their collaboration and will run a second call for projects.

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Researchers led by our SPARKee Ulrike Stein of the ECRC and Robert Preißner of Charité report in "Clinical and Translational Medicine" that statins inhibit a gene that promotes cancer cell metastasis.

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NeuroCure grants funding extension to the four NeuroCure/SPARK-BIH teams for an additional year.

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We are a mentoring network aiming to accelerate the translation of academic inventions into clinically relevant therapies, diagnostics and medical devices.

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Validate your research findings and translate them into therapies, products or services to help patients.


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Share your expertise with our SPARKees and participate in our program as SPARK advisor.

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