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SPARK Europe has joint forces for education on translational research and technology transfer! For the third time, European SPARK sites will host a joint webinar series during spring 2022.

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SPARK-BIH and the Stiftung Charité celebrated the end of its I4H Pilot Program with a final I4H Pitch Event on December 13.

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SPARK-BIH, MDC and Bayer hosted the first joint Berlin Science Slam to strengthened local collaboration with short presentations and the exchange of young scientists.

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SPARK-BIH and DHA presented their health innovation programs during the Danish state visit at the Charité

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The Cluster of Excellence NeuroCure of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin provides a new program, tailored to the needs of early career researchers, who are interested to explore problem-solving tools beyond science and potentially translate their ideas into ‘the real world’.

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In October 2021, Dr. Tanja Rosenmund, head of SPARK-BIH, together with her team welcomed 10 new projects to the SPARK-BIH program. She and her team are excited to support the new SPARKees to translate their innovation from bench to bedside.

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SPARK Europe is excited to announce the first SPARK Europe featured podcast series. Dr. Felix Lorenz, SPARKee and founder of the Berlin-based Captain T-Cell start-up project, explains what technology lies behind Captain T-Cell, how it can help transform cancer therapy for patients, and why he wanted to start a company.

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The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research was so impressed by the research proposal from SPARKee Prof. Simone Spuler that it made €3.3 million available to the team to carry out a clinical trial. Prof. Spuler and her team are using muscle stem cells to build new muscle. The first patient will be treated in a few months' time.

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Our Mission

We are a mentoring network aiming to accelerate the translation of academic inventions into clinically relevant drugs, diagnostics and medical devices.

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Validate your research findings and translate them into therapies, products or services to help patients.


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Share your expertise with our SPARKees and participate in our program as SPARK advisor.

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