Medical Design Thinking Workshop by NeuroCure and SPARK-BIH

Building on our previous experience with this format, NeuroCure and SPARK-BIH organized a medical Design Thinking workshop in order to support innovational project ideas from the NeuroCure community. The two-day workshop took place in the innovative location ‘Digital Labs’ from the BIH.

After learning methodology of Design Thinking via small exercises, the participants selected three projects which were further worked on in a Design Thinking sprint, supported by experienced coaches. This workshop provided a platform for innovative minds to present their translational ideas, receive initial feedback and learn problem-solving tools to further develop their medical innovation towards user-oriented solutions. The methods included structured brainstorming, user interviews, and prototyping.

The participants reported: “Design Thinking can show you ideas, you never would have thought of. The user is in the center of everything!” and “How to find the right problem to find answers to”.


Watch the video of the workshop here (YouTube).

SPARK-BIH is a member of the SPARK Global network