On Rare Disease Day 2021, SPARKee Prof. Kühnen raises awareness about hereditary obesity

To mark the occasion of Rare Disease Day 2021 on February 28, the Berlin Institute of Health spoke to SPARKee Prof. Peter Kühnen in the BIH podcast about hereditary obesity. Prof. Peter Kühnen studied in a clinical trial a new drug targeting a promising target for treatment of hereditary obesity. The SPARK-BIH program funded the respective project of Prof. Peter Kühnen and Prof. Heike Biebermann.

The Team of Prof. Peter Kühnen and Prof. Heike Biebermann, at the Institute for Experimental Paediatric Endocrinology at the Charité in Berlin studies and treats hereditary obesity. Prof. Kühnen dives in the podcast into the clinical manifestations of hereditary obesity, its treatment and the development of a new drug he successfully tested on patients.

Prof. Kühnen’s clinical studies on normalizing body weight was funded by the SPARK-BIH program. When being asked in the podcast about the SPARK program, Prof Kühnen says: “And here I would like to thank the whole SPARK team and the BIH for this support, because without this support the study would not have been possible, which was not financially controlled by a company, but was really carried out by the Charité. Thanks to this financial support, the studies could be carried out, the patients could come to Berlin, and the study team could be paid from this.”

You can now listen to the BIH podcast with Prof. Kühnen here.

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