SPARK-BIH at the Danish state visit

© Charité I Wiebke Peitz

SPARK-BIH and DHA presented their health innovation programs during the Danish state visit at the Charité

The Charité was one of the first stops of Denmark's Queen Margrethe II. and Crown Prince Frederik during the four-day state visit in November 2021. The Queen and her royal delegation of business representatives visited the Charité to learn about recent developments within the biggest University clinic in Europe and had the chance to meet Danish and German colleagues to discuss possible collaborations. As leading innovation drivers at the Charité, the enabler programs SPARK-BIH and Digital Health Accelerator (DHA) from Charité BIH Innovation were introduced to the Danish delegation by the program heads Dr. Tanja Rosenmund (SPARK-BIH) and Tim Huse (DHA). The Danish state visit was a great opportunity for the two representatives of Charité BIH Innovation to network with some of the leading life science players from the Nordic country.

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