SPARK Europe Innovator Café: "Scientist Turned Entrepreneur – Experiences and Lessons-learned"

In this SPARK EUROPE INNOVATOR CAFÉ, Craig Garner will share his personal experience as a scientist turned entrepreneur and give insights on valuable lessons learned, pitfalls he met along the way and how his entrepreneurial endeavors influence his scientific research.


You’re about to start your company and have a gazillion questions where to begin? You want to leave the academic path and want to know if starting your own company is a fit for you?

Find out during our brand new SPARK Europe Innovator Café webinar series. We bring experienced entrepreneurs and young CEOs together, talking about the Dos and Don’ts of entrepreneurship, sharing their success stories and biggest failures. Get to know the people behind the company and learn from their experience!

Join us for our very first Innovator Café with Prof. Craig Garner.

Craig is a seasoned scientists who has worked in the US, Switzerland and Germany. Besides his accomplishments in basic research in the field of neurobiology he has co-founded three biotech companies.

With his first translational ambitions, Craig entered the SPARK program as a SPARKee at Stanford University and later established the program at the Charité in Berlin.

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The webinar will be hosted by SPARK-BIH. Please note that you will receive the GoToMeeting link and access code the evening before the lecture and that access to last minute registrations, cannot be guaranteed. The number of participants is limited, therefore register asap!




The Innovator Café will be organized by the different SPARK sites from all over Europe including Israel: SPARK-BIH, SPARK Finland, SPARK FLI in Jena, SPARK Poland and SPARK Tel Aviv. The series brings together experienced entrepreneurs and young CEOs, talking about the Dos and Don’ts of entrepreneurship. The online webinar series takes place on Wednesdays at 16:00 - 17:00 CET.

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